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Momentum Paranormal Investigators

We seek to understand the bumps in the night.

Equipment Used by Momentum

to be added shortly

Full Spectrum Camera

This camera is used to take stills and video in low lighting to no lighting situations. When the ambient lighting is near the ends of the visiable spectrum, the area would apear to be brightly illuminated. The utilization of Infrared (IR) and Ultra Violet (UV) light sources also enhance the capabilities of this camera. This is one of Scott's favorite gadgets.

The IR (infrared) light was purchased to be used with the Full Spectrum Camera. This is a great tool to illuminate an area but not distracting to those around you. Purchased from (by Paul Bradford - GHI)

Full Spectrum (IR/UV) and IR lights

The full spectrum light is from Paranormal Work Shop The IR on the right is the same as the above picture.

The lights on a small tripod using a bracket.

Paranormal Work Shop light out shines the Creepy Hollow light.

Is over flooding an area a bad thing? For the most part having brighter lights makes it easier to seen the scene. We are experimenting with various light setings. Stay Tunned...

Point of View Camera (POV) - Canon FS300 - primarily used to document daylime investigation walk throughs. This camera can take video and still images. It has a built-in light source that is rarely used. Most recently, a new setting has been found. The Night setting allows the most light to be visiable to the camera. Still not as good as the human eye, but close. This camera was used to document the shadow people hallway videos on YouTube.

Laser Grids

Not Shown - More Info to follow

Spirit Box - Hack Shack

Not Shown - More Info to follow

Voice Recorders

Again Not Shown - but very important!

Flash Lights

not shown - not for seeing in the dark but as a communication tool.

EMF - meter

Very useful for debunking normal electromagnetic fields

K2 Meter

another form of the EMF - great for communication - one of Amy's favorite pieces of equipment

Mel-Meter - Mel-8704R-Rem ATDD

This meter was the one that I said ... "I have got to get this!" This one has the Temp change alarm as well as the Rem Pod function. The antenna generates its own electromagnetic field. If interested I can have these ordered for you! The next one is the Mel Meter Model 8704R-Vibe - with vibrational alarm!!!!

DVR - got ya covered


Butch's Full Spectrum Special

BFSS - lit up

The Original Large Area Rig

Developed before Ghost Hunters had theirs - Butch thought ... what if we needed to cover a large area... What happens behind the camera... Now we know!

Full Spectrum Cameras

Ghost Meter - hey it works

Night Vision Scope

Laser Grids

What color do you need - we got em'

UV Light

Large Flashlight

When you need to find that camera you left down the long hallway. Or when you think your teammates are trying to scare you. This is the one to bring if the batteries don't fail...


Evaluating EVP on the spot. Real time review!