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Momentum Paranormal Investigators

We seek to understand the bumps in the night.

Paranormal Hot Spots

There are many "Haunted" Locations in the area. We are starting a list of location. If you have any questions about these or any other locations please ask. If we do not have a direct connection we know someone that does. 

For more images and what we found, Click Here:

Buffalo and Erie County Naval and Military Park

More information to come: See their webpage for contact and details: Private Paranormal Investigations - for groups up to 15 people - $350. We had a great time investigating - amazing hardly any contamination even with the Sabers game happening a few blocks away.

Marjim Manor

Beautiful Winery in Appleton, NY - Public Ghost Hunts are posted from time to time - keep an eye on their events page. Their website: This is a private business along with a private residence. The winery is open to the public daily. Exploration of the property is restricted - ask permission. Private investigations are available - the current cost is $100 for up to six people. Between the hours of 7pm - 11pm (sometimes midnight). Again this is a private residence.

Iron Island - Buffalo, NY

What a recipe for a paranormal encounter. Originally a Church, then Funeral Home and now currently a community Museum. A peak into the attic reveals the old church. The basement held the remains of uncollected urns for years. Now the museum hold objects that may contain spirit attachments. From strange EMF spikes to EVP's and shadow activity, this place has it all. Small groups work best. At the cost of $35 a person min of 5 people Friday and Saturday. Minimum of 3 people Sunday - Thursday. See their website for booking and details:

Rolling Hills Asylum - East Bethany, NY

Location, Location, Location - this place has the best of all. Personally, I (Scott) have a very special place for the property known as Rolling Hills Asylum. I was a volunteer there for three years. I spent many hours in the building by myself working on projects. There were times that the building was quiet or so I thought. There are other times when the activity is "off the hook", this is more often than not. RHA is charged with energy. There are MANY spirits there. There are some that stay and there are some that come and go. They are like a family, they will protect the location and they will rat you out! Follow the rules on the website and you will have a wonderful time. EVP's are very prevalent here! If you are lucky you may even catch a photo! For the most up to date information go to there website:

Old Fort Niagara

All the elements for a great haunt. However the fort is not available for Private Paranormal Tours/Investigations. See their website for daily tour details: Get involved with reenactments or the scouts - these may be the only chance to stay over night at the fort. If there is ever a public ghost hunt - jump on it! Otherwise my last email stated they "We no longer do any sort of paranormal studies or inquiries".

Van Horn Mansion - Burt, NY

A unique historical mansion run by the Newfane Historical Society. Day visits are a must to learn the history. Our friends at Beyond Ghosts run public events from time to time - heated in the winter with indoor washrooms!

Buffalo Central Terminal - Buffalo, NY

Hillview - New Castle, PA

HuggerMuggers and Lanigans - Breakfast and Dinner - local lodging available to snooze before trip back... Very interesting location ... these poor farm turned institution type places always have some sort of activity. See our investigation section to see what we encountered. Currently Sunday - Thursday $500 up to 10 people ($50 per additional) $250 deposit - Friday and Saturday $650 up to 10 people ($65 per additional) $325 deposit - $50 cancellation fee. For the most up to date info see their website:

Eastern State Penitentiary - Philadelphia, PA

Pennhurst - East Vincent, PA

Rapids Theater

more information to come

Lockport Caves

Fort Mifflin - Philadelphia, PA

Statler - Buffalo, NY

We still need to visit this place but don't take our word for it... very active!