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Momentum Paranormal Investigators

We seek to understand the bumps in the night.

Momentum Paranormal Investigators

More about the investigators:

Scott Nash

Momentum West

Stephany Garcia
Vince Loredo

Ricardo Soto

Ana Soto Aldaco

Event Crew 

Gregory Awarski - Applying for membership

Tracy Bauch - Event Assistant

Greg Bauch - Event Assistant

Kristine D'Agostino - Event Assistant

Alicia Cook - Event Assistant

Shirley Lockwood - Event Assistant

Angela Hamilton - Event Assistant

Brian Hamilton - Event Assistant

Christopher Cox - Event Assistant (from NE POST)

Christina Cox - Event Assistant (from NE POST)

Brandy Tisdale - Event Assistant

Shane Tisdale - Event Assistant

Sandy Sanderson - Event Assistant

A group of us at the Van Horn Mansion - we need to take more of these photos!